Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department
John Czap

John Czap

Term: 2009 - 2012
John Czap The 15th Chief of Department 2009-2012
Chief Czap Joined in 1987 He has the biggest file of anyone i’ve ever seen. Filled with every certification your could imagine. After all he was a 25 year member and served National Disaster Medical Assistance Team being deployed to Hurricane Katrina.
John, Most of us here learned how to be an EMT from you. Learned the skills. Learned that if we ask someone their name and they kumquats that they are verbal instead of Alert. John was hands on, trying his best to keep this place going when it was struggling, it was to the point of where there locks on thermostats and vehicle chargers were on timers. But he kept us going…getting grants and even making repairs on his own.
On this very week 10 years ago, while HE WAS celebrating burning the deed to the engine, meaning we owned it finally, John was telling everyone a storm was coming, BUT nothing could’ve prepared us for what he warned with hurricane sandy.