Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department
Doreen Garson

Doreen Garson

Term: 2013 - 2016
Doreen Garson of 47 Seba Avenue our 16th and first female chief of department 2012 – 2016 Famously joined in 1987 after calling for help for her choking child and when she called the volleys we did not pickup the phone . After speaking to Demello responded with here’s an application. Since then Chief Garson also taught hundreds if not thousands of EMT’s also teaching the CFR classes for the FDNY at randall’s island when EMS was folded into FDNY.
She led the department through Hurricane Sandy becoming the face of the department and community during and after the storm. Setting up an evacuation center at resurrection church then creating a relief center at our memorial hall for over a year.
She secured millions of dollars in grants, which allowed us to purchase the 6 wheel all terrain brush truck, a state of the art ambulance, a new roof for the hall, and chaired on the Governor’s office of Storm Recovery committee to rebuild Gerrittsen Beach, our Firehouse, and Memorial Hall.