95th Anniversary Fund Drive and Souvenir Journal

95th Anniversary Souvenir Journal
2017 Officer’s Installation Dance

Chief of Department ‘74 & ‘75
Chief Fred “Santa Claus” Colley

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

When you or a family member are ill or injured, where do you turn? If you’re like most in our community, you have been calling the Gerritsen Beach Fire Department for the past 95 years! Why? Because you know that you will receive top-notch emergency care by dedicated, compassionate first responders in your time of need.

Organized in 1922, when Gerritsen Beach was a small predominantly summer community, the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department was created. From a small garage, we have grown over the years to two buildings and a fleet of six vehicles responding to more than 400 calls for help annually.

In 1973, after being frustrated by long waits for ambulances to respond to our calls for help, we purchased with the help of the community our first ambulance. In 1988, we became the second ambulance service in the City of New York to be approved for defibrillation saving our first life in that very same year. In 2001, in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks, our department was housed in Engine 321’s quarters and stood fast, assisting in protecting southern Brooklyn for the New York City Fire Department. In 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department assisted in evacuating and rescuing residents trapped by flood waters. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the department set up a relief center providing food, shelter, medical resources and agency support to its residents. In 2015, we accepted delivery of our 6 wheeled all terrain brush fire unit. This apparatus allows us full access to area parkland. Most significantly fighting a 7-Alarm brush fire off the belt parkway in June of 2016

To celebrate our 95th Anniversary, please consider supporting us by taking out an advertisement or booster. The journal will contain history, photographs, information about the GBFD, our neighborhood and how they have all changed over the years. This year we would like to honor Ex-Chief Fred Colley, who had served the department honorably as Chief of Department in 1974 and 1975 and continues to serve the department as our Santa Claus since 1961.

To become a sponsor, or to send Chief Fred Colley well wishes, please complete the attached form and mail or email it in with your tax deductible check to ensure your listing. Or if you prefer you can complete the form on our website www.gbfd.net and can pay by credit card.

As always, in case of an emergency immediately contact our dispatcher at (718) 332-3333

Thank you for your generosity and support.


Daniel Cavanagh
Chief of Department
Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department

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Our Installation Dinner will be held on October, 21 2017

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2015 Fund Drive

The Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department is once again conducting it’s annual fund drive campaign. Your support plays a vital role in the ongoing effort of our volunteer department, which has protected life and property in Gerrittsen Beach for more than 92 years. With your support, this service and dedication will continue to flourish<

We depend heavily on your donations and are always very grateful for any money that you can spare, however little. A Golden Donor is a contribution of $85.00 or more. Please send your tax deductible donation in the enclosed, self addressed envelope with your name and return address so that we can properly thank you. Checks should be made payable to “Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department”. Credit Card donations can be made via the form below.

The Vollies are always looking for new members. If you or someone you know is interested in joining and would like to volunteer, please contact us at (718) 332-9292 or visit us online at www.GBFD.net . No experience is necessary; we train members to be dispatchers, NYS Firefighters, and NYS Emergency Medical Technicians. We also gladly welcome any residents who just want to lend a helping hand. Age requirements are 16 1/2 years and older

As always, in case of an emergency immediately contact our trained dispatcher at(718)332-3333. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you for your generosity and support.

The Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department

Last call to get your 2013 donation in

Dear Friends and Neighbors;

For 91 years your Volunteer Fire Department has protected life and property in Gerrittsen Beach. With the support of the community, this service and dedication will continue. Once again, your Vollies are coming to you with the mission to sustain our heritage of community service with a Fund Drive.

As you may know, our department did not hold our annual fund drive do to the storm. Usually at this time we would be finished with our fund drive for 2013. Before, during and after the super storm, our members and facilities have been open to the community with any service that was needed. However, our funds are almost diminished for this year and we are requesting that you send in your annual donation for 2013. We realize that some people cannot give what they have in the past.

Every donation counts towards contributing to the budget that allows us to continue serving the Gerrittsen Beach community. We are very grateful for any size donation within your resources.

The Vollies are always looking for new members. if you or someone you know, living or working in Gerrittsen Beach, would like to volunteer, please contact us at 718-332-9292 or online www.GBFD.net. The Community Emergency Response Team is also housed at our quarters. They are a group of Volunteers from Office of Emergency Management that are trained in disasters. These Volunteers come from Marine Park, Gerrittsen Beach, Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay. No experience is necessary; we train members to be dispatchers, firefighters, and New York State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians. We also gladly welcome any residents who just want to lend a helping hand.

As always, in case of any medical or fire related emergency in Gerrittsen Beach, immediately contact our trained dispatcher at 718-332-3333. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Fund Drive Committee

CPR Community – October 26th, 2013

October 26, 2013 – October 26, 2013

43 Seba Avenue

View MapMap and Directions | Register


  • Community CPR Approximately 4 hours
  • Choking, AED, Infant, Child, Adult CPR
  • Dress Comfortably

CPR Class Differences:

  • Community CPR: is for everyone.
  • Professional/BLS CPR: is for EMT’s, Nurses, Healthcare Providors, CFR’s, Lifeguards, anyone with a duty to act.
All of our classes include HANDS ON practice, lecture and video. CPR and First Aid classes are OSHA compliant. We offer training for all workplaces such as: Public and Charter Schools, Construction companies, Health Clubs, Community groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Non Profit organizations and many more. Discounts are available for Non-Profit organizations, Schools, Students and Teachers for Credentialing programs and large groups.


  • Persons with Upper Respiratory Infections, Dental Surgery, or Cold Sores should not take this course.
  • Physically Strenuous: Students with Cardiac or Respiratory conditions should consult with their physician.


  • Student can cancel for a full refund or reschedule a class, up to 48 hours before event.
  • Cancel or reschedule by calling (347) 640-4233 or email info@gbfd.net