Bucket Brigade – Pre Registration

Saturday July 13, 2013 – Saturday July 13, 2013

52 Seba Avenue

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Download Flyer: GBFD Bucket Brigade

$10 per person

8 person team

Bucket Brigade Competition: Known as the oldest form of firefighting. This is an event that takes skill and teamwork. Each of the members of the team will be with a bucket.

Working as a team,they have to move fifty gallons of water twenty feet, hand over hand,from a trough, known as a dip tank,to a smaller tank, known as a dump tank. The team that does this in the shortest amount of time is declared the winner

Each team member is issued a five gallon canvas bucket, and after running a specified distance down the track, one by one they dip their buckets into a trough filled with water.

The first team members will climb a stationary ladder that has been affixed to the arch, and take positions on the ladder as one by one the other team members hand buckets of water up to them, until the top-most member dumps that bucket of water into a 55-gallon drum that is stationed atop the arch.

He then tosses that bucket onto the ground and grabs the next one, empties it, and so forth until the drum is filled up, at which point the clock is stopped.


  1. Each team must have eight (8) participants, members are required to have appropriate footwear

  2. The participants will be positioned at the starting line fifty (50) feet away from the nearest drum.

  3. A distance of twenty five (25) feet separates the source (water-filled) drums and the target (empty drum).

  4. Ten (10) buckets will be placed twenty five (25) feet away from the starting line and the location of the first drum (water-filled / source drum).

  5. Upon the “GO” signal, the team members shall execute the event in the following manner:

  6. The members of the team will reach for the buckets and unto the water-filled source drums to fill the buckets.

  7. The members will transfer the water to the empty target drum using the bucket relay method carefully to avoid spill.

  8. After the target drum is filled to the “MARK” level, the team members will run back and place the buckets back to their original position and cross the finish line with raised arms.

  9. Each team will be timed from the time the “GO” signal is given until the last team member crosses the finish line.

  10. The team with the lowest combined time will be declared the winner; with the next two teams as second and third place winners.

  11. Penalties will be imposed for commission for any of the following infractions:

    1. False starting (running ahead of time earlier than the official starting time). – Additional five (5) seconds

    2. Dropping a bucket – Additional five (5) seconds

    3. Every inch of water level deviation from the “MARK” level – Additional five (5)

2.        Rules of Replay

  1. Replay or repeat performance shall be decided based on the following grounds:

  2. Damage equipment and accessories; and

  3. Malfunction of Fire Pumper.

  4. At least ten (10) minutes rest shall be given to the team/s before the repeat performance.

  5. All replay/s shall be decided by the Committee.