90th Anniversary Journal

Dear Neighbors,

This fall the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department will be celebrating its 90th anniversary. Since the department’s founding in 1922 the Vollies have responded to thousands of fire and medical emergencies in Gerrittsen Beach. In order to celebrate this momentous anniversary the Department needs your help! We willbe compiling photos and stories of the Vollies from yesterday and today.

Everybody who has ever lived in Gerrittsen Beach has seen the Vollies in action whether it be a summer brush fire, investigating odors, operating at a car accident or even in your own house treating your family or plugging a broken pipe. In order to make this journal a success we need to hear your stories. Please share any photos or personal stories you may have with us so we can document the past ninety years of Brooklyn’s only Volunteer Fire Department. If any business or individual is interested in lending a hand in funding this endeavor, we will be selling different size ads in a journal. Please see the attached journal ad contract for more info. Journals will be available at our 90th Anniversary Dinner which will be held on October 20th at AOH Hall 2750 Gerritsen Ave. More information is to follow on this event.

Also, please share this with your friends. Many past residents who have moved out of the area may have great stories to share. The Internet is a great tool for reaching people both near and far. Please encourage people to like our Facebook page and check out our website GBFD.net to stay up to date on Department news..

Please send any photos, stories, ad inquiries or questions to Pat Klein at journal@gbfd.net or drop them off at the Fire House, 52 Seba Ave Brooklyn, NY 11229. If you are unable to contact us by email feel free to call the department’s business phone at 718-332-9292 and leave a message with the dispatcher on duty. We will be more than happy to come to anyone’s house to pick things up and we will arrange a time to return them. Remember no piece of your Vollies history is too small or too big to share just as no situation is too big or too small for your Vollies to handle.