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Do you need a wheelchair? Do you have a wheelchair you no longer need? How about crutches? Shower chairs? Canes?

Well if you need or can donate please give us a call at 718-332-9292



Recently there have been fires in our area that may have been cause by careless smoking.

More people die in fires started by carelessly discarded or abandoned smoking materials such as cigarettes butts and cigarette ashes than any other type of residential fire. Fires caused by smoking materials often smolder, sometimes for hours before the first flame. For most people who died in residential smoking fires, escape was made more difficult because they were asleep. The most common materials to first ignite are mattresses and bedding, followed by trash and upholstered furniture.

If you or anyone in your home smokes, make your home and neighbors home safer:

  • Do not throw butts into the streets or yards.
  • Use large deep ashtrays and check them frequently.
  • After entertaining in your home always check on, between and under upholstery and cushions and inside trash cans for cigarette butts that may be smoldering.
  • Completely douse cigarette butts with water before discarding
  • Don’t smoke in bed or lying down, especially if you are drowsy, medicated or have been drinking alcohol.
  • Consider additional smoke alarms in your home, specifically a photoelectric type, which is the most reliable for smoldering type fires.

If you see or smell smoke, gas call us immediately at 718-332-3333 , take the time to save this number in your phone!

Join us for our Open House!

This weekend is our open house and we are going to have a community BBQ (weather permitting) stop by and see what are are doing for the community.

The Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department is opening its doors to area residents, so they can learn about what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter in their community, as part of an initiative brought to you by FASNY with a program called Recruit NY. Over the last several years, it has been very tough for many fire departments throughout New York State to recruit and retain volunteers for a variety of reasons. Like most volunteer fire departments, the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department needs to bolster its emergency responder numbers, so it can continue to provide the optimum level of protection for its residents. Now more than ever, they need more of their neighbors joining their fire department.

On Saturday, April 21th & Sunday, April 22th between 1pm – 4pm, the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department located 52 Seba Avenue will join in an initiative with volunteer fire departments all across the state at their respective firehouses for a unified recruitment drive, as part of National Volunteer Week 2012. Not only will Recruit NY be an opportunity to highlight the duties and rewards that come with being a volunteer firefighter, it will also raise public awareness about the need for volunteers. The hope is that a collaborative effort among volunteer fire departments statewide will turn the declining number of volunteer firefighters around.

We are coming to an end of our annual Fund Drive, Golden donor this year is $85.00 and every donation counts towards our fundraising efforts. Please send whatever you can as soon as possible. If you have already donated this year, thank you. You will be receiving your fund drive sticker in July, after our fund drive is closed for 2012.

Community CPR – May 5th, 2012

Saturday May 5, 2012 – Saturday May 5, 2012

43 Seba Avenue

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  • Community CPR Approximately 4-5 hours
  • Choking, AED, Infant, Child, Adult CPR
  • Dress Comfortably

Persons with Upper Respiroty Infections, Dental Surgery, or Cold Sores should not take this course.
Physically Strenuous: Students with Cardiac or Respiratory conditions should consult with the physician.


CPR Instructor Course – April 30, 2012

Monday April 30, 2012 – Monday April 30, 2012

43 Seba Avenue

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Prerequisite: Current certification in CPR Pro (BLS)

Course Requirments

  1. Approximately 16 hour combined home study and lecture course. Three two hour class sessions.
  2. 70% score on 50 question final exam.
  3. Present a 5-10 minute assigned mini lecture/discussion.
  4. Present an assigned mini skill demonstration
  5. Co-instruct 4 courses with an Gerritsen Beach authorized ASHI instructor within 24 months of completion of the instructor course.
Instructors are NOT independent and must affiliate with an ASHI Authorized Training Center
All Student manuals are provided through the training center. Certification cards are provided through the training center upon presentation to the training center of end course paperwork.

Questions? 718-332-5859 Prompt 4


Monday – April 30, 2012
Monday – May 7th, 2012
Monday – May 14th, 2012