Hydrant Flags Installed in the Old Section

This is Wisconsin

Even though we have had very little snow this year, we have been installing hydrants flags in the Old Section, and it was all possible through an anonymous donation, specifically for this project.

By installing the Hydrant Flags, if and when, we do get a significant snowfall, our Engine 1 and FDNY units will be able to locate hydrants quickly. The fiber glass rods run about $15 each and was placed on the main avenues of the Old Section as a pilot program.

You can sponsor hydrants on your block by dropping off a check at the firehouse. Just label the check for hydrant flags and your block and we will get one there asap.

By you clearing your “friendly neighborhood fire hydrant,” firefighters can connect to a water supply quicker without having to shovel out the hydrant. This puts an additional firefighter “on the line” quicker to protect life and property.

If you already do this, thank you very much! If you don’t, please consider doing it; it may be your emergency we respond to!