Halloween Message

Dear Gerritsen Beach Residents

Halloween is a time for ghouls, goblins, and witches. It is one night of the year where kids can dress in their favorite costume and journey around their neighborhood for candy. Let’s avoid the occurrences of villains in neighborhoods – not the villains in costume, but the individuals who take advantage of the Halloween celebration to commit mischief and vandalism.

This year, we encourage all residents to have a safe and fun Halloween. Neighborhoods that have used the following recommended actions have reported a drastic decline in incidents of mischief and vandalism:

  1. Halloween is for Children in Costumes
    To minimize the security risks that occur when older kids go door-to-door until late at night, a cut-off time of 8:00 PM for trick-or-treating is recommended.
  2. Do Not Turn Off Your Lights and Pretend You Are Not Home
    This is an open invitation for vandalism and mischief. Instead, keep your house well lit and post a sign that you are out of candy.
  3. A Strong Adult Presence Will Serve as a Deterrent to Potential Mischief
    Work with your block club or neighbors to have some adults patrol your neighborhood with flashlights in “strolling neighborhood watch teams,” while other adults sit outside on their porches. Should you see any suspicious activity, call 911. Do not attempt to handle the situation yourself.

We wish you and your family a safe and fun Halloween.